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ICF bracing:

Save time and money on your next ICF construction project with the lightweight ICF bracing . Versatile and durable enough for use on walls of any height. The system’s overall design allows users to align their forms accurately. With a fast and easy setup with a single pin assembly, the full-length aluminum strongback reaches up to 24 ft.

ICF bracing exceeds the performance demands of today’s new construction, decorating and remodeling professionals. Not only can be used inside or outside, it will save you time and money on your next ICF construction project. Our system can be componentized to build what you need.

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STD System

The standard System is in 10 ft, available in 8 ft and 12 ft. Each of these systems includes a strongback, platform bracket, 7 ft to 11 ft Turnbuckle, safety rail and pins to connect them all together.


Tall Wall System

The Tall Wall turnbuckle allows you to plumb your wall straight and true. This turnbuckle comes with a 144 in. outer tube and 138 in. Which means you can shore walls or ceilings up to 24 ft. All turnbuckles use a single latch pin assembly to give you a fast, easy, and consistent setup.



Length: 8ft / 10ft / 12 ft

Material : Alloy Aluminium T5051

Platform adjustable height : 12 inch


Turnbuckle comes with a 70 inch inner tube and a 72 inch outer tube. Connected with a latch pin .

T screw thread makes easy clean up.

Assembled with a 5 inch x 5 inch base plate .

1/3 in. Handles with 45° Slope For Easy Adjustment.

Powder coated surface treatment.

Powder coated surface treatment.

22 inch width.

Powder coated surface treatment.

45 inch height.

Powder coated surface treatment.


Aluminium strongback with base


Strongback sit on base . Fix base with pin or anchor .


Hold platform and telescopic brace together with platform pin.


Adjust the length of the telescopic brace with latch pin .


Guardrail in platform with latch pin

Light Weight

Use aluminium strongback, the total unit is only 50lbs . Easy for transportation and set up .
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Lower Price

Made in China which guarantee lower price. Save cost for your ICF house .
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All color available . Powder coating color can be made according to requirement.
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Standard unit in 10'

Only 50 lbs each unit

Customized color

OEM available

Stackable storage rack available

Made in China guarantee good price